Tuesday, May 25, 2004

D.Ross.Blog: Framework load testing comparison

D.Ross.Blog: Framework load testing comparison

This is a very interesting post on Load Testing for different CF Methodologies.

I, as a purist, prefer to use standard cfml, but there are plenty of things to learn from comparing and testing methodologies.

I do agree with Hal Helms that it is important to have a methodology, but I disagree that any of the methodologies we currently have is that good.

Simply said, it appears that they are more out of attempt to be more object-oriented rather than how can we make this code more stable, perform better, more error proof.

Now I have no magic wand to make bad code into good code. But if you practice long enough, you learn what effort it really takes to produce highly-scalible, error-proof code.

Here is a link to my article all about Error Proofing your code. Trust me this will save you many headaches. Remember it's better to prevent/plan for the error than to get a call in the middle of the night that the code bombed. Or a user typed in wrong data, and therefore shut down the site.


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