Tuesday, May 25, 2004

D.Ross.Blog: Frameworks, Methodologies

D.Ross.Blog: Frameworks, Methodologies

Basically this is his comment back to me. I do actually respect someone that listens and then rebutts what I say. I am not always correct, but sometimes I am.

My issue with methodologies has to be more about the reasons why people or companies adopt them.

For example, currently my company is outsourcing some application work, and they want to use cffunction and cfc's even tho it does not help the performance, stability or scalibility of the application.

My goal in coding is always many fold:

1. Make sure I completely understand what the project is, and what's expected of me?

2. Code in such a way that it is easy to understand, modify, error-fix and repair.

3. Always plan for scalibility, always code as if hell would be unleashed on my code, I am not always successfull, but I always try.

I am just honestly sick and tired of all this OO, Java, CFC, as if we have really mastered CFML to the point that going this different path actually either:

1. Improves the Performance, Scalibility of the Code


2. Adds features that were not available in CFML.

There are tons of features in Java, that i may want to take advantage of, but I would add it using standard cfml.

I don't hate Java, OO, I just hate being pushed into those because it's the new thing, the fad.

Maybe I am just not hip enough.


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