Wednesday, May 26, 2004

JD on MX: Breeze MacroChats user experience

JD on MX: Breeze MacroChats user experience

I really loved the MacroChats, I did not like the Breeze Chat, was very buggy and very slow.

I mean I know it went sort of chaotic, because fellow cfer's never really get to talk about all their needs/complaints/vents to each other or macromedia on a regular live process.

So let's do it more regularly, like once a week.

Here is my list of feelings/needs:

1. Use a java based or html based chat room instead of breeze.

2. Like John Dowell said, rooms and subrooms.

3. Post the logs of the chat, so much stuff went through, that it'd be nice to have logs. That are searchable.

4. Have an RSS/Atom Newsfeed of the Macromedia MacroChats.

5. You really need a chatroom moderator or 5, to help keep the massive cf_mob focused on what the presenters are talking about.

6. Although it would be nice to have a chat room to discuss cf with, even if no macromedia official presenter was there.

That's my five pennies.

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