Thursday, May 27, 2004

Macromedia - Macromedia Exchange

Macromedia - Macromedia Exchange

This is what really irritates me, I mean I am in the cfusion folder of the exchange.

Why am I seeing non-coldfusion tags/extensions?????

I should only be seeing coldfusion tags/extensions!!!

I know they want to market their other product line, but this is the WORST way to do that.

Please redo this page, in HTML, not FLASH!

Thank you.

Also redo the search so that I don't have to go to a seperate page, to do the search and then select which exchange. If I am in the ColdFusion Exchange, there should be a window to type my keywords and search.

This is why it is so horribly unusable.



  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    because you AREN'T in the middle of the ColdFusion exchange... the "cfusion" you see in the URL means that it is built on top of cold fusion (hence the index.cfm). Before you say "but it's built with flash", remmeber that you need a way to get live data into flash.

    Check this out... are these the CF forums? It has "cfusion" in the url...


  2. Okay that makes sense, but please take away the flash.

    Use the flash on the flash/dreamweaver exchanges, but on the coldfusion exchange can we please have it be HTML only, or even css but no flash.

    Thank you.