Thursday, May 27, 2004

Revenue - The Internet Affiliate Marketing Standard

Revenue - The Internet Affiliate Marketing Standard

Besides coding cf web applications, I really like to learn more about ecommerce, usability, anything to help create more PROFITABLE web applications/sites.

This is an actually interesting article about how 1 mom, built her own future using affiliate marketing.

It also discuss the how's/where's of affiliate marketing.

Now some of us do coding to pay the bills, because we love coding.

Me, I want to create applications that are customer friendly and make tons of money.

So that requires a lot of learning and research, to be ecommerce savy.

So it pays to do a lot of research, and keep to up to date, on the ecommerce field.

My number one site for learning about ecommerce is,

This is the best ecommerce news, and articles, reviews, how-tos.

If you want to learn about how ecommerce is going day-to-day, goto

Oh check out this new Affiliate Magazine, called Revenue Today

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