Tuesday, May 25, 2004

What this blog is here for!

Well here is my first coldfusion blog.

Okay I've been coding coldfusion for over 5 years. I have learned a lot, mainly by my own mistakes and from those around me.

I am currently starting to write for Cold Fusion Developer's Journal, but I wanted to finally have my own coldfusion blog.

It all started with my philosohpy of purists or as i have now revised as the Craftsman Credo.

Simply said, most coders can be quite good, but if they don't migrate past cowboy coding.

Cowboy Coding - You are given a project and right away, start coding.

Now i have been plenty guilty of cowboy coding, but it really ends up in painful lessons.

Basically that by not planning clearly and concisely, you end up wasting tons of time, trying to complete a project, that you have no idea, if that's what they really wanted.

So I always start with an assumption:

How can I really make sure I know exactly and precisely what the customer/client/boss really wants?

So I have to ask questions, create forms, find ways to work, so that i only start working on the code, once we are all on the same page.

Everyone who doesn't get why it's important to plan your projects, they act like it's just a waste of time, they just don't understand it.

Perhaps I am not communicating clearly..

What do you think?

BTW here are links to some of my earlier thinking.


I also frequest the Experts Exchange, this is one site that you can both develop your problem solving skills, but also polish your own skill set. Also it helps to help other people in need. And you can get your own problems/puzzles solved.


More tomorrow, if i can get up so early.

Good night!


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