Saturday, June 12, 2004

CFML Standards

Driving CFML

CFML as a standard?

Yes, it's not a bad idea, but how relevent is it? or useful?

Personally I like the idea of competition, because the free market always drives innovation.

But what changes would we want a competitor to do or not do?

I think it's up to the competitor, what changes provide him/her with the sales to keep the company going.

Personally, I think we have tag overkill, too many internal tags that we mostly do not need on an every day basis, I think it should be like javascript or java where you can import additional tag/function libraries as needed.

Tag Libraries I think are the way to go, just like how cfscript udf libraries or cffunction libraries work.

Instead of having new cfml tags/functions, have tag libraries that can be used any cfml server, to work.

That way whoever has the most efficient and coolest tag libraries will help innovate and drive the market.

After all there is a saying about trying to be too much, and be everything to everyone.


  1. Anonymous11:16 AM


    There are tons of JSP tag libraries that do tons of stuff. Having a solid tag base within CFML means just what you posed - a 'standard' option for performing a function.

    Alex Sherwood

  2. Fine then let's see some examples, of how we can delightfully use java to extend coldfusion.

    Java has some beautiful functions, that hopefully some of us non-oo people can use with cfml.

    Very interesting stuff.