Thursday, June 03, 2004

Charlie Arehart - Web Services & Blue Dragon

Colder Fusion - Twin Cities ColdFusion User Group

Twin Cities, CFUG had the luck last night of being presented by legendary Charlie Arehart, at least one of my personal favorites, on Web Services and BlueDragon Server.

It was a very nice presentation, introducing many ways to create web services using cfcs, and different ways to call or invoke them.

Web Services, I feel, in my humble opinion, is a start of a major paradigm shift, in how we view websites and data.

Because then it becomes more about who has the freshest data, to deliver the best products & services, rather than what technology was used to deliver the website.

Also he introduced us to Blue Dragon Server, which in a lot of ways makes sense. Because it introduces competition to the CFML Server world.

I always believe in competition, because competition/market forces always drive create innovation.

If you go to ColderFusion later today or tomorrow, we'll have the presentation powerpoint that was used for the presentation.

P.S. Sidenote: I have to really give a lot of credit to Troy Pullis for doing a real good job, in running the TC-CFUG. TC-CFUG is really growing fast in size and quality.

P.S.S. Check out the job board it is really getting a lot of new jobs posted.


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