Tuesday, June 15, 2004

End Users, who the heck are they?


Ok-Cancel.com, has a great usability cartoon. It's both amazingly funny and enlightening at the same time.

Okay now let's get our shirt sleeves rolled up, and start working on our major area of disagreement.

It's not like I hate flash, or that I really love html 2.0/3.0/4.0. The major point I have been aiming for, again and again, is to understand your end user, and of course understand your client, but the end user is more important.

For example, if you client says I want the application to be X, then you create X, only the end user can't possibly figure out how to use application X.

So what do you do?

Do you tell the client, they had a bad implementation idea, and have them end up looking like fools to the world of their industry and to their customers, or do you try to ignore the end user, and hope the client can work it out at some future date.

My point is that the end-user is always right, more so than the client, who paid you. Because we're not like a fast food, where clients can just buy what they want then forget about the products/services we provide.

It's an ongoing relationship, based on how you help/hurt their meeting their goals.

Now, I personally think flash, ria, is overplayed as the new in thing, when it's more of a special circumstances technology, to do only in limited circumstances. Which may be your circumstances, developing rich media apps.

It's pretty rare where I come from to do any flash or RIA's.

So again, it's not like I dislike flash, I just rarely have seeen the need for it.

And I do acknowledge that I have personal ire, that coldfusion.com is a flash-enabled site, because the whole usability of the coldfusion part of macromedia's site is horrible in it's searching, finding, linking and so forth.

Remember if your end users say we want a flash app, then that's fine, as long as the app will usable by the presumed end-users.

Be well all.

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