Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Learning from your mistakes

We all make them, face it, we're human, so now that we made this minor to major mistake, how can we make sure it doesn't happen again?

Here is my big steps of mistake prevention:

1. Document your projects, and include any mistakes as part of your project documentation
2. When planning your projects, research past projects to make sure that project development process is always improving.
3. Status Quo = Death, so always try to keep learning more, different skills, different approaches
4. Share your mistakes, take responsibility for your own mistakes, so that when you do good things, you can take credit for them.

Do you have the honor and integrity to be honest with yourself and those around you?

The path of pursuing a craft is not an easy one, but if you give up, or don't even give your best than why bother?

After all, if we have a dream, we must pursue to it's end.

In honor, of former President Ronald Reagan, who showed what it's like when american's dream, and then go ahead and make those dreams real.

I am mostly living my dream, although it is too easy to take it for granted.

I never imagined that after 10 years of fast food, I'd suddenly become a professional Web Developer.

Where did all of you come from before this field?

What kinds of dreams and visions do you have for your own lives?

I'd really like to hear what you all say.


  1. Anonymous2:19 AM

    Dude, what are you on? :)

    Reagan? The man who sent tanks into Berkeley?

    You were doing fine until the bit about "honor and integrity"...

    Anyway, your question (about where you come from)... I started out writing compilers (after studying computer language design at university) then moved into software QA and coding standards (after a brief detour into insurance), then spent a year in telecoms (wireless) and joined the web world in '97 (BroadVision, then more modern tech).

    Sean Corfield (not really anonymous, I just can't be bothered to create a Blogger account!)

  2. No dude, what are you on?

    Reagan, was a very honorable man, and showed us what every day american's can do with their lives.

    Who motivates you?

    In someways, I have this weird motivation to be heir to Ben Forta as the second Jewish ColdFusion Evangelist.

    I am weird, I acknowledge that...:)

  3. Anonymous6:16 PM

    In someways, I have this weird motivation to be heir to Ben Forta as the second Jewish ColdFusion Evangelist.
    I have two words for you: Michael Dinowitz --- Not that being third is so bad :<).

    I do agree completely with you about Reagan. Sean is British. He probably feels the same way about Margaret Thatcher as he does Reagan.

    Reagan critics are loud, but in the distinct minority. History will not be kind to either Reagan or Thatcher's critics.