Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Taking CF Seriously

I hear so many stories about people not taking ColdFusion Seriously.

I mean seriously, in the north pole of ColdFusion, that we call the Twin Cities, Minnesota USA.

We are laughing with hilarity of cf, cf serious, C'mon who can take that seriously.

I am just the Jewish Santa Claus of ColdFusion, Ho Ho, He He Hum, Hum.

Now that we have had that little laugh, we can get back to planet reality.

For me, I could care less how many people like it, hate it, love it.

It's all about what is the goal of my project, and how can I speedily accomplish it.

Let's be honest there is no such thing as a perfect solution, never will exist, never has existed.

So for those of us, that are practical and pragmatic, we have to consider the goals and objectives, and what tools can get us there.

One of the things, that I love about ColdFusion, is that it's in plain english, it's easy to take some code to my boss, go over the logic flow of some marketing or ecommerce app, and we can logically find the best way to accomplish the goal.

One of my favorite quotes this year was from I am paraphrasing from memory,

"Too often, management focuses on the technology means/methods rather than what the business goals/logic and rules are. So they end up wasting time and energy finding the perfect technological solution, instead of what solution can best meet their business goals."

So let us clarify that.

Business People/Marketing/Advertising/Clients

You tell us your business goals and/or objectives, and it is up to us Application Developers, to come up with the best solution, in time and money.

Doesn't that make sense.

Then as App Developer's talk to each other, instead of saying what technology is best, or worry if they are on the right bandwagon, they can brag about meeting business goals and objectives.

We get like ostriches sometimes, and we get stuck in the sand.

I personally am going to stick with ColdFusion, it's my solution, it doesn't matter to me, if anyone else uses it.

Use whatever works, if it doesn't work for you, then don't use it!

Ho Ho, Hee Hee, Ha Ha!


  1. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Agreed. I like to focus on business/application requirements first, and on technology second. If ColdFusion can't meet those requirements, then I use something else (though that's very rare these days). I used to be a pure J2EE developer, but now I reach for ColdFusion 99% of the time for almost everything I do. Yes, I know I work for Macromedia, so one might say I'm not particularly objective, but believe me, if CF weren't the best solution, I wouldn't be using it, regardless of who I work for.

    Christian Cantrell