Friday, July 30, 2004

Blogging and Ecommerce....

One of the things I have been researching, while on the job hunt, is the profitability trends and technologies for blogging.

It seems there are room for growth in profitability, such as the major recommendation of putting Google AdSense on your blog. But that seemed to be lackluster, not quite enough.

For starters, there are major technical limitations to a blog, especially if you have one of the free ones, no coldfusion, asp, php, jsp or .net support, just straight html,css and javascript.

But it seems empty that there are no tools or means to integrate a shopping cart, or to browse the categories of recommended products.

There simply is no data connection, or way to integrate some higher technology, unless you try to do javascript converted content, but that doesn't always reach all your customers.

I for example, use blogger/blogspot because it is free. But that is also gives me a set of possible Blogger Tags to add functionality to my blog.

Ecommerce sounds so many times, like a magic wand of big cash flowing in, but it isn't. It's a process of merely trading products/services for money that could be used to buy other products/services.

We could try to implement XML Databinding to allow browsing of categories of products, but that is only supported in IE, and has issues with the data being from a different domain as the site being displayed at.

In addition, bloggers can't create seperate blank pages, that you can do programming on. You just write a blog, edit the template, and that's about it.

You could deliver content in javascript via coldfusion, put together a database of products, and then deliver the content as needed to help visitors browse? But how do you get them to browse, there is no seperate browsing page. Do you do a popup? No, people find them annoying.

So there you have this driving need to make more money with your blog, but the technology and usability limits are very tough to break...

Do we need a new standard of blogging? To add more functionality?

After all if blogs make money, maybe as more than just an affiliate, think of how that will grow the blogging industry, if people can sell securely their products.

Or even if you are just an amazon affiliate, if you can organize all your recommended books/products whatever into a browseable categories?

I think it's time for some innovation...

What do you think?


  1. Anonymous1:52 AM

    I think you need to look around outside the world of Blogger a bit more. :D

    (1) Just about everything out there has some kind of category support, including the ability to browse via category.

    (2) Tools like Movable Type and WordPress allow you to integrate all kinds of Perl or PHP into your pages.

    (3) Tools like JournURL allow you to create an unlimited number of unique templates and assign them to individual entries.

    (4) All of the above support more sophisticated in-template scripting than Blogger. MT and JournURL have their own proprietary markup languages, while WordPress just uses plain ol' PHP. And since MT does static rendering, it can render to CFML, a capability that I believe a few of the Macromedia bloggers use.

  2. Anonymous1:52 AM

    Sorry, that was me.

    Roger Benningfield