Thursday, July 08, 2004

Bring me Blackstone!

Macromedia - Developer Center : The Blackstone Tour Report

I have to admit, I'm rather excited to see this, any news is good news.

I also love how Ben Forta says:

"Is Macromedia committed to ColdFusion?" "Is ColdFusion dead?", and so on. Threads like this have been popping up for years now. So, just to make things perfectly clear, here are some facts (as presented to the groups):

There continues to be plenty of ColdFusion development going on. Google today reports millions more CFML pages than it did a year ago. That's good news, especially when taken in context. After all, most ColdFusion deployment is within organizations (intranets, extranets, portals, and so forth); areas that Google never even sees.
Macromedia continues to sell lots of ColdFusion. Sales are solid and have been for a while. That's a very positive sign indeed, especially for a product that is rapidly approaching its 10th birthday.
Lots of developers are using ColdFusion MX, the latest version of ColdFusion. When polling attendees at user groups, over half had upgraded to ColdFusion MX (including MX 6.1). That's good too.
Macromedia continues to be very committed to ColdFusion. ColdFusion MX (and the massive financial and resource investment that went into that release) is a testament to that. Then on top of the solid foundation and architecture of ColdFusion MX, we already have thousands of man hours invested into the development and testing of Blackstone, and we’re not even in the beta cycle yet.
To borrow (and slightly adapt) a quote: "Rumors of its demise have been greatly exaggerated."

Way to go Ben, that's the way to tell it to them.

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