Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Managing your Deployments

Currently, where I work, we have a source control system, with a dev, staging and two production environments.

Which can be a godsend in terms of rollback reliability, but can become pains in the rear, for deployment of projects that are affected by each other...

I think we need a new way of thinking about deployments, or have more usable tools to do what people call builds.

There has to be several parts.

1. The ability to remotely turn trusted caching on/off at a certain date/time
2. The ability to associate a group of files from different folders as a build to be ftped/deployed to any of a number of servers, that is equiped to de-build it upon receipt.
3. Then turn trusted caching on/off for all deployed servers, then to wait 10-15 minutes, then the code is deployed and caching can be turned back on.

I personally am frustrated with this situation, and am looking for ideas/solutions.

The hardest one is the ability to turn on/off trusted cache on multiple servers at a set scheduled date/time, without someone having to manually go into CF Admin and do that.

What if you had 10, 20 or 40 servers that you had to deploy new code for?

Isn't it amazing?

Well sometimes innovation comes out of need?

What kind of needs do you feel are unmet?

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