Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Balanced SQL

As I been going thru pages upon pages of cf code with sql statements, I realize how important it is to balance the needs of the end-user against scalability.

As much as we create these incredible applications, sometimes we go over the edge in demanding too much from sql, code to deliver what should not be delivered.

Have you had that experience, of reading someone else's code, and thinking, what the heck is this supposed to do?

Or why did they do it that way?

Or the, I want tons of fresh data, with no issues for performance?

There's a give and take, of what we can deliver...

I mean if it's an application, with only 1 end-user, that's quite a different scalability challenge, then discover tons of users using this archaic application.

It's both fascinating and frustating, how much we have to learn, to be really good coders.

We think that being a good coder, is knowing the syntax, using the latest methodology, reading the latest books.

They are but a tip of the iceberg....

So my message of today, is really plan for how many users will use your application, and plan for the far future.

It's a simple phrase.

Think Longterm.

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