Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Is XML the Answer?

What an interesting idea, something I've been waiting to hear about for a long time. Xml has some definite uses, but it's not the solution for everything.

I have had some thoughts about using SQL Server to generate xml-formatted data, and then use IE's data island to display recordsets that are just too huge to manage in cfquery.

But I have subconsciously realized, that would not be a real solution, that if you have a page bringing too much fresh data, that you need alternatives.

This is all apart of my philosophy of using what works for me. Or in shorter form, if it works, use it.

But this also goes towards the idea that every programming paradigm, is the solution for all problems.

I like the fact that he's willing to dump a programming paradigm, if it doesn't get the job done...

I am not saying to drop oo, different methodologies, only to be replaced by another trend/fad of what to do...

Stick with what you know, but don't be afraid to realize that no solution solves every problems....

Common Sense, isn't always that common...

Have a good day everyone...

1 comment:

  1. It's no brainer.

    The problem with this development/programming world is that we all move like herds. Not really knowing why and how the pathfinders are moving.

    XML, from my experience, if not properly used (best used for inter-system integration and messaging) could add more overhead than using traditional methods.