Saturday, August 14, 2004

OT: 2004 Hall of Fame Photos

Carl Eller's Acceptance Speech
Carl Eller's Acceptance Speech

Well finally after lots of computer problems, I managed to organize all my photos, and post some of my best on the photoblog.

Please check them out and let me know what you think.

It was a very touching experience, to see someone finally rewarded for decades of hard work.

A good work ethic does pay off, but sometimes it takes patience...

If you like I have a screen saver all the photos and some nice football music, I can email to anyone who asks...

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Coding Horror Stories

If you want to hear and share some of your coding horror stories, now is that time. Both for humor and the sad realization of what it really takes to develop quality applications.

In a way this is very funny for me, because my technical personality sort of emulates my personality I developed in working in Fast Food. I was the Prep God, make sure everything is setup correctly, and perfectly, for the afternoon/evening shifts.

And here I am, Mr. Clean, always having to clean up after other people's work.

It's because of spending most of my coding career cleaning up, that I have gradually become a stickler for standards.

I remember one of my job hunting jigs, at this downtown saint paul firm, seemed a bit raw or at the edge, but there are all types of people/personalities/companies in this niche.

Anywho, then they started to show me some of their code.

  • No Indenting
  • No Comments
  • No Logical Structure
  • No clue what the code did, or what steps it took to get there

At that time, I was still somewhat of a beginner, and I wasn't sure how to address their lack of quality. After all, I wanted a job, but I didn't want to work for idiots.

One of my jobs was a nightmare in terms of communication. At the time I was at a web shoppe, who had a legal firm as a client.

Legal firms are very tough, this one was particularly indecisive.

They wanted us to create a multiple-approval layer of content approval. It sounds professional, but in reality, it made them sound very indecisive, and just added unnecessary complexity to the content management application.

It also made them show that they had serious trust issues with their own personnel. But that's legal firms.

Another time, I was working on a severely modified version of AbleCommerce, which is sounds like a really good starting point for an Ecommerce Application. But most pre-built applications, usually end up to be badly written, badly documented, badly coded applications.

They did their job, but made it very difficult to fix or improve upon them.

Especially since the company that modified it, was using coding standards picked up from ColdFusion 2 coding.

So you can imagine all the extra pound signs, that still ring in as a nightmare in my mind.

What kind of horror stories do you have? What kind of coding mistakes piss you off, or just plain drive you insane, please share your stories...

Sunday, August 08, 2004

OT: Carl Eller is enshrined in the Hall of Fame - Pro Football Hall of Fame

Carl Eller is enshrined in the Hall of Fame - Pro Football Hall of Fame

Well this weekend, I was honorably invited by Carl Eller to witness his enshrinement to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

From 1998-2001, we ran a site called Carl Eller's Viking News, which didn't turn out that profitable, but was an amazing experience.

From the first 1998 Mankato Training Camp, where I saw #18 Randy Moss, as he was interviewed by Carl Eller, and to meeting Red McCombs for the first time.

To helping John Randle, Cris Carter in jest help sign their autographs...

My father and I arrived, in Canton Ohio, Friday afternoon. But the amazing experience of the Hall of Fame didn't start till Saturday morning.

We woke early at 6:15 am to go to the Enshrine Parade, and we were escorted by the police motorcycles and cars with blazing sirens on our way to the Parade. The parade lasted over 3 hours in freezing weather, 15 different high school marching bands, all kinds of floats, former Hall of Famers, and all kinds of local celebrities.

Quite an experience.

Then Saturday Night was the mind-blowing Enshrinee Dinner, which started off with a cocktail party outside, you can see all the celebrities/fans/sponsors schmoozing.

At the dinner, we shared our table with former Viking WR Frank Gilliam, who retired in 1977. While our room was hosted by former hall of famer, Mel Renfro.

After which we went into the huge stadium, as we watch different speakers/presenters.

Paul Tagliabue, then the TV/Radio Awards, a lot of really funny jokes, that can not be said in public.

Then the former hall of famers, helped our four Enshrinees with their new Golden Hall of Fame Jackets...

It was real dark inside, and there was like the lighted area, like a fashion walkway/catwalk.

Then on Sunday, another Police Escorted Ride, in our buses to the Hall of Fame. There were so many people there, that they had 3 huge banquets, Gold, Silver and Bronze. With 3 huge tents of food and drinks. I am not even sure I even recognized some of what I had.

Then we went to Fawcette Stadium, where were bloodly lucky to be on the ground floor way near the front.

I saw quite a few former Vikings, such as former Hall of Famer, Vikings Coach Bud Grant, former player Chuck Foreman RB, former player Bob Lurtsema and a bit more.

But the stadium was really dominated by Bronco's fans.

After hearing Regis Eller, introduce his father Carl Eller, then hear his amazing and really emotional speech. Then we heard part of Bob Browne Jr's introduction of his father, the heat had gotten to me, so we had to leave.

I am glad to be back to Minnesota, and thanking my lucky stars for such an honor.