Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Creating a solid Development Environment

Well here I am, I finally got a new job, in fact today is my first day!

I am pretty excited to be at where I am.

So I get to be part of a company that wants to grow, and this is their first time having more than 1 developer in-house.

So we have to basically take what they have and help take us to the next step in terms of the old-standards:

1. Project Management System - To avoid all the old waste of time, communication errors, and to basically make sure we turn out a product that won't bite us in the butt 2-3 weeks after completion.
2. Source Control System - It's surprising how many people still don't know what it is. But it's still needed, and there is plenty of growth in this niche need to have new features and functionality. But my current favorite is QVCS by Qumasoft.com, nice product for a great price.
3. Project Management Intranet - I have created 2-3 of these, and basically you can either do it on paper, or on excel or create an intranet. It comes from the need to document, prioritize and improve communication
4. Coding Standards Documented - There has to be a common grounds, however different the styles are, but once it's determined, you need to document it, so that the next new person, has a much easier starting point.
5. Site Bible - One of my ideas, but have never seen well implemented, including by me. Basically imagine if everyone in your development and it died, what information would you need to hand to a brand new team? It's the binder that you put all your documentation from servers, to applications.

What else does a good development enviroment need?

What new or old things do you have that I missed, or could use?