Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Developing the Right Habits

I was reading Cameron Childress's blog on Building the Perfect Application. He talks about how people still fight over whether coding with Select * being a good thing vs a bad thing.

If you want to be a good/great coder you can't simply do the laziest habits in coding, you have to develop the habit of creating applications building skills.

I know these aren't exactly fun or hip or cool, but they make sure we make less mistakes, and don't have to re-code our work for a number of reasons.

Solid Disciplines to Prevent Future Re-Coding:

1. I always plan out my projects using either a word template or flow chart or both.

2. I plan out what incoming/outgoing variables so i make sure that each step of the application has the data it needs passed or sent.

3. I even go so far as to create all the commented sections of each application with all the needed indents.

4. Writing SQL Statements, I know we're all in a hustle to get the project done as fast as possible, but if we build the right habits, we'll still have speed, but have created more scalible and error-proof applications.

5. I create a funcitonal testing checklist, that i use to identify what areas as possible causes for errors, and create the traps around them, and the right locations. We can't catch ever error, but the more effort you do in preparing for them, the better you look.

In conclusion, the more effort you put into creating the right habits to create scalible and error-proof code, the less times, you'll have to come back later and re-write it. I mean, how many times have you had to re-write yours or other people's code either because of scalability/page loadings or bad handling of user/technical errors?

I have done it many times, and that's why I developed my own set of habits, to prevent, predict and fix problems.


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