Wednesday, July 06, 2005

From Coder to Manager of Coders

It's amazing to be on a different side or perspective, but I still feel that the core ideas I always stood by, are even more important now.

1. Having documented and used Coding Standards
2. Using a Project Management Process & Intranet
3. Helping others and myself train to become even better.
4. Managing costs at different levels of growth.

There is much more to do, and think about, that I never realized when I was just a coder.

What others have you, have made the transition, and what sites, books, articles have helped you do it wisely and professionally?

Thank You.

Craig M. Rosenblum
-Technical Director


  1. I first made that transition over 20 years ago, and it wasn't easy. The biggest lesson I learned early on was that while I might believe I was a better coder than any individual who reported to me, I certainly wasn't a better coder than all of them put together. I realized that by trying to do too much work myself, I could easily become the bottleneck that slowed down the entire team. I then saw that it was my job to help each individual on my team maximize their productivity, without me doing their job for them, and thereby maximize the productivity of the entire team.

    Here are some great references, especially the first four:

  2. It is a transition, and a very different perspective. There are two things that I have learned.

    First, the team is what is most important. One needs to spend a significant amount of time growing the skill set of the team in soft and hard skills.

    Second, is that no one likes change. Managing the transition and change is a very important skill. Realize that people will be concerned and cling to the old way, and the worse time is the transition between the new and old.