Thursday, October 20, 2005

Update FuseBox Class

I am actually quite impressed with the way Jared Rypka-Hauer of Continuum Media Group LLC are presenting this class.

There may be some things that I disagree with :)

But there is a solid agreement I feel we all have and that is to code ColdFusion Applications that are good for the long term.

If I die, how easy is it to fix, repair or modify the application(s) I created?

Well here are the notes from class so far.

Thanks for listening....

Frameworks? in general, what they are, what they provide
-What core code, actual files, pre-defined functionality. Procedural Framework
-When All the time...
-Metholodogy how to use the framework, built around the framework

Always see \index.cfm?fuseaction=guestbook.showform

guestbook is the circuit a collection of functions/actions
showform is the fuse that indicates what action to take

Hooks - plugins, pre-built actions, referenceable

Framework Definition
1. Sources
2. Methodology
3. Save Time
4. Communicate

MVC - Low Level to High Level. High Level Architecture Design Pattern.

-File Access

-CFM Templates - "PODS"
-Navigational Includes
-Logo Header

-Send Messages To Model
-Getting or sending Data
-Gets Data --> View
-Sends Data <--- View

96% of stats are made up on the spot

Very streamlined makes you more efficient, that is reasonable and understandable.

The way you think matters as much as the way you work....

Implicit Invocation - Clean The Kitchen - Not requires a lot of description
-One high level command to many tasks
-Main.home - main circuit home fuseaction
-More of a global command to refer an implied set of tasks

Mach II - Implicit Invocation

OO vs Procedural

-object orientated
--Defining Entities
---Real World Object like user, blog entry, shopping cart
--What should those entities do?
--Should user object talk to database or just be a container
--Encapsulate - it know only it knows
--Inheritance yuck!!!!
--Data Centric
--Defining Representation
--Each object has a specific role and defining them can be better for long term development,
---okay that makes sense, now how do i figure how to translate what they're saying...

---Do this do this do this, logical
---Tasks vs from point a to point b

ColdSpring, Carton - Persistant Storage Mechanism

Instance Variables

Gateway Objects

P.S. I am finding that my understanding of OO vs Procedural may be incorrect. While I do honestly see there is no standard for long term thinking in procedural programming, it is easier to think and put my head around it.

I think that would be a worthy goal, to find a middle place...



  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    thanks for the notes...

    Richard, your classmate

  2. My Pleasure richard, any time...:)