Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Oy, Managing Each Day

I was reading this interesting blog post on Ray Camden's Blog. About how he has his own ways of managing his projects and tasks. Mainly because his memory is going, bonkers.

I had my own comment about that, because mine has been going, the more I got into web programming.

The more I find that you get into deep programming/analysis/logic, your solutions come more from subconscious processes, the conscious ones.

But my reason for the post today, is to find out what kind of daily processes each of us uses to help keep track, moving forward, getting things done each day.

For example:

I use to create a new daily task sheet to print and put on my monitor clipboard to help me remind what i needed to get done and worked on each day.

Are we all getting older, or does programming change our brains?

Just curious :)

Happy Holidays and New Years to all of you and your loving families!!


  1. Glad to know it's not only me. Trying to decide which side of the street to park on to avoid a street-cleaning ticket last week totally baffled me. (First and third Wednesday? Second and Fourth Thursday?) But then I sit down and code some complex mathematical algorithm. I have the vision of eventually being wired up to feeding tubes and a computer.

    Anyway, for task management, I recently started using MyLifeOrganized. Useful program.

  2. I use a combination of several things. It's not very refined yet. I'd like to have a more consolidated system.

    I use a spreadsheet to plan projects weekly. Each project is listed down the left column. The Monday of each week is listed across the top row (one column per week). This creates a cell for each project each week. I fill in numbers (estimated hours) and can easily see how much I'm trying to do in a given week, and helps me space things out over several weeks.

    For the daily stuff and calendar, I use paper. Yep, I'm a techie nerd, and I use a paper calendar. I have a monthly calendar, where I write down things that are scheduled specific days. (normal calendar stuff. not elaborate at all) Then I have one page for this week and one page for next week. That's as detailed as I get.

    For this week and next week, I list categorized to-dos across the top half of the page (coming from my spreadsheet, my wife, my clients, my house, etc). Across the bottom half, I list each day, and place each to do in various places on the week calendar. Of course, I usually put too much in each day, and end up moving something from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday. What I like about this method is that my main to-do's are there for the week, and I don't have to re-think them more than about once per week.

    For detailed to-dos on a specific project, I use a text file, placed in the client's folder on my hard drive.

    I'm very interested to see how other people manage their projects and their days and weeks. This is definitely an ongoing struggle for most of us.