Thursday, June 23, 2005

Search Engine & User Readiness

As we deliver more and more rich flash experiences, we must consider how our browser experiences affect the users.

I remember when I was working with one company, and all they're folder names, file names, did not make sense.

And why do they matter to end users?

To help them remember where they are, and what part of the site they are on, and to help clue them as to the informational architecture of the site.

For example with Ablecommerce, the shopping cart part of the site was in a folder named ecom7, and the file names were really not understandable.

This does mattter, because if the customer can understand the folder structures, then it makes them easier to navigate.

Now we go into flash applications, where whole web sites, can be in one url. Which is perfectly fine.

Then here's the question:

How do we help visitors bookmark, a specific part of the flash site? I mean an article, content, advertising? If we have an intensively content heavy site, we do not want to force people to go thru 10 steps to get to the page they were originally looking for.

I would like to hear from Flash people, how they deal with these kinds of issues.

Thanks, and please comment, so we all can learn from each other...