Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Oy, Managing Each Day

I was reading this interesting blog post on Ray Camden's Blog. About how he has his own ways of managing his projects and tasks. Mainly because his memory is going, bonkers.

I had my own comment about that, because mine has been going, the more I got into web programming.

The more I find that you get into deep programming/analysis/logic, your solutions come more from subconscious processes, the conscious ones.

But my reason for the post today, is to find out what kind of daily processes each of us uses to help keep track, moving forward, getting things done each day.

For example:

I use to create a new daily task sheet to print and put on my monitor clipboard to help me remind what i needed to get done and worked on each day.

Are we all getting older, or does programming change our brains?

Just curious :)

Happy Holidays and New Years to all of you and your loving families!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Seven Stages of Expertise: My Thoughts

I have to admit this is something that has been on my mind. Seeing how different levels of technical and professional expertise change.

There is a maturation process, and that probably isn't well defined, how one person goes from one stage to another. Which probably is what interests me.

It really depends on what intrigues you, learning more about what factors can lead/dislead to project success, and what factors help mature both the process and people ina project.

I find that both are very important, but in the end, in any industry it really comes down to the people and the skills can they deploy towards goals that matters.

But let's ask an interesting question, what has helped in your maturation process? If you can talk to yourself in the past as a Stage 1 Expert, what would you tell yourself to help avoid the bumps and skids of the learning process and curve.

Thank you