Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How did you get your ColdFusion Training?

After a lot of the comments back and forth, I am kind of curious to here some comments on the different ways and methods that we all got trained to learn to use coldfusion.

I myself, learned by bothering the web development team, when I was a tech support person, to learn how to do everything from html, javascript and coldfusion.

I was always a person who wanted to learn more, do more.

No one was offering any training, classes, books.

But on my own I had started off by getting an Instant HTML book, then just started to play with html, javascript etc.

As for training companies provide, in my personal job experience:

1. I have been to exactly 1 ColdFusion Conference, CFNorth, loved it tremendously, but the company wouldn't pay to go a second time. Most of the companies I worked for did not seem willing to spend money on training, other than to maybe buy a book for you, and that was if you were lucky.

2. I also went to a free Allaire Spectra Demonstration in Minneapolis, where I saw Raymond Camden for the first time. Not because I really was into Spectra, but because it was free and it was any kind of coldfusion training that i could actually hear other developers from.

3. And this was before the days I even heard there was a CFUG, but I really did like the early days of the CFUG. I even was lucky enough to present a few times.

4. But most of my training was either me buying books on my own, learning on my own. I just asked a lot of questions.

5. Eventually I got the opportunity to help train others at 1 company, and I tremendously enjoyed that, not because I want to shove my preconceived notions down someone's throat, but really because I want to help other people have to go thru the painful process of learning that I and many others had to go thru. The CF Developer's Guidebook is awesome both for learning to get certified, but to also help know what are all the aspects of cf to master.

6. But as I get exposed more to different jobs, companies, it just became obvious to me that companies didn't really want to help train you. They wanted you to be trained in how ever many programming languages and methods, but didn't want to take the time or money to help you really master it.

7. And I've done a lot of job interviews, it would be very shaming that I would see all these web shops, that just didn't care about the quality of their code, yet I would have to try to get those jobs because sometimes that's all there was.

8. So because of that, I started to write my first articles, and I posted thme on, they are still there.

I mean I even created this blog, because I want to both learn more, share more, hopefully to bring the quality of our industry as high as it gets.

But it really upsets and insults me all the negative comemnts I get. Like that because I don't agree with them, or didn't have the same experiences as them, that I am somehow not a good programmer.

I mean we are all shaped by our experiences, and none of us exactly have the same ones, can't we respect that out of each other?

I really hope you can see past your biases, to our common desires and dreams for coldfusion to be the best it can be, and that we as an industry can shine...

I am no Ben Forta, Charlie Arehart, I am just a ColdFusion Developer who loves ColdFusion, I just want to both be the best, and help us all as i can be the best.

So tell us all what kind of training experiences you had, I really would like to hear.

Thank you.


  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Figleaf software, 1998. Best training in the USA!

  2. Roger9:30 AM

    Blogosphere. Now. Best training on planet earth.

  3. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I'm a Sr. developer at, so it gets my vote :)

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