Tuesday, July 18, 2006

OT: I stand by Israel and America

It is time that we got rid of all those jerks who are constantly getting away with killing in Israel and worldwide.

Btw, in case you didn't know I am jewish, but I am American first, and on this day I am proud of Israel for doing what America rarely has the guts to do.

Stand up for the lives and rights of our family and loved ones.

Like when we bombed Nagasaki or Hiroshimo, neither a pleasant experience. But when it was discovered that for us to manually take down those cities would cost us hundreds of thousands of our men's lives we chose for the attackers/evil people to die before us.

I stand by Israel and any who has to defend themselves against evil that kills them and their families daily.

I am a proud american this day, to know there are nations out there, who know and does what it takes to defeat evil!

Because this is a holy war of evil people!

They must be defeated, and if it's a choice of us dead vs them dead, I always choose them dead.

God Bless America and Israel!


  1. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Good justification for 'Hiroshimo' there genius - the civilians who were vaporized or died slowly of radiation poisoning were 'attackers/evil people'. Nice!

  2. Yeah it was, if it is us being dead vs them being dead.

    I have a natural desire for them being dead.

    I am sorry they had to die, but they're the ones who attacked us first, ever hear of Pearl Harbor?

    Oh and why are you so anonymous?

  3. Anonymous4:04 PM

    I will now be removing your blog from my blogroll. Not that you should care, but if your coldfusion knowledge mirrors your understanding of world politics I don't need anything that you've got. Cheers moron!

  4. See what I mean, instead of merely saying I disagree with you in a civil way, I get more and more flames and insults.

    Your entitled to your opinion, and so am I.

    I don't treat you like a jerk because you disagree.

  5. Anonymous4:11 PM

    yeah, u might as well shut this site down...you just lost any visitors you had. not as bright as i thought u were.

  6. So by not agreeing with you, that makes me a moron?

    Please explain, notice I have no desire to call names.

    I am interested in honest conversation.

  7. Anonymous4:20 PM

    - That was the most ignorant and uneducated blog posting I have ever seen in my life.

    - You're the only one on the planet who has justified the nuking of tens of thousands of innocent people (in Hiroshima).

  8. Anonymous4:27 PM

    it's people like you, on both sides, that keep crap like this going.

  9. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Over 200 Lebanese civilians are dead so far thanks to Israeli airstrikes.

    Not 200 Hezbollah fighters... ordinary civilians like you and me who didn't do anything to Israel, except they didn't have the good fortune to be born somewhere nice and safe like the U.S.A.

    How can you be happy that they're dead? That an 8-year old Lebanese girl is killed by an Israeli bomb... was she an "evil person" who deserved to be burned to death?

    Maybe if you really understood what war was like, if the bombs and missiles were raining down on your hometown, you'd show some humanity.

    Hezbollah has been striking Israeli cities, too, but there is a big difference between a Hezbollah fighter and a Lebanese civilian.

    Israel has a right to defend itself, but bombing the hell out of a civilian population should not make you happy.

    If you genuinely want to educate yourself about the complexities of the modern Middle East, I suggest you read From Beirut to Jerusalem by Thomas Friedman.

  10. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Here is the thing with Americans. They would do anything to defend the freedom, democracy, safety and prosperity for all mankind. But unless you have an American passport, you are not considered mankind; you are called "Alien" (just go to any international airport and you will see).

    I standy by all the 'attackers/evil people', who remain our last hope to stop the Americans from conquering the entire world.

    It's true that the Americans never actually annex a foreign country, but they would invade your country, overthrow your government, kidnap your countrymen whenever they feel like it. After that, they would "help" you setup a puppet government that has absolutely no real power. Afghanistan and Iraq are great examples.

    Now just think if the Americans suddenly decide not to ally with Isael anymore, do you think the Israeli government can even dream about "defending itself". Isreal is no more than a pawn in the American's evil plan to conquere the world!

  11. Aaron Roberts5:35 PM

    I am glad that when the chips were down in WW2, America stood tall and fought evil. The world is a better place for Hitlers and Japans downfall. FACT. Most of these coward anonymous posters haven't a grain of conviction to put their name to their opinions, let alone probably defend their country if it ever came under attack.

    I'd rather America conquered the world btw than the Taleban. The internet you anonymous cowards hide so easily behind lest you forget is an invention from the free world. Do you think you'd post so easily in a totalitarian state, no , you'd be off to the gulag. Remind me what terrorist states and dictatorships have brought to the table regards human advancement since the dawn of time..?

  12. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Do you know what you are saying here?

    You are a FASHIST like your dammed Israel!

  13. You are not considered alien if your not american i have plenty of friends all over, scottland, estonia etc.

    I am not happy that innocent people.

    But when people are attacking me, then what are my options, to keep just taking it?

    I am not against peace, but too often, those who seek peace, would rather blind themselves to the evil of those who walk all over and keep doing evil things.

    Those I call evil are those who physically attack or financially support those who attack others for no reason.

    We've tried the peace process in Middle-East and honestly Arabs don't really want peace, they want Isreal and all jews dead. And then American's next.

    I am not proud of Israel and America, because more are dead, but because they are taking action that will finally bring about actual peace.

    Not the false promise of peace, that we've had so far. Where treaaties are made, no one follows them.

  14. Mark Scott6:54 PM

    My name is Mark Scott, so now you have it! And even through I am not living in the "free world", I can tell you I feel more free than ever. Free from the hatred from the rest of the world, free from the national spying programs, free from the burden of your holy American crusade. I can sleep soundly at every night, knowing that my brothers and sisters would not be shipped out of the country and die in an unjustified war (remember the WMD thing?). I also know that my country has nothing to do with the death of hundreds and thousands of innocent lives. But what can I say, you Americans never consider foreign lives as lives anyway.

    By the way, foreigners are indeed called "Aliens" by the INS. Next time when you fly to LAX, IAD or JFK, walk to the far end of the immigration counters and you will see.

  15. Anonymous8:44 PM

    When you say "you americans think ..." you are just adding to the stupidity and hate. There are plenty of Americans who utterly disagree with what is going on. I live in a "blue state". I honestly don't know anyone close to me who openly supports Bush or the the "war on terror".

  16. Anonymous8:52 PM

    My name is Brendan Smith. I live in Australia. I'm not anonymous. I'm not courageous. I'm _not_ ignorant. I'm not easily led by popular media. I'm not religous. I stand for religous freedom. I am a father. I have two sons.

    I know that if some country with the backing of American warfare machinery bombed the block of apartments behind me to take out some armed religous misfit and his crackpot friends, then happened to kill my sons in the process that I would probably harbour enough ill will to take that misfits place.

    Can you see a problem there?

    Killing civilians for any reason is not a justifiable stance. The fact that you showed your ignorance by making such a comment (publicly!) just to garner some emotional reaction from your readers shows that you are a person of very little understanding my friend.

    Get a family. Give a life, not so much as in "get a life". Then, and only then, will you truly figure this ridiculous shit out.

    I'm free for discussion, post for my details.

  17. Where was the outcry about innocent people dying when Hezbollah fired rockets into Israel or when suicide bombers killed so many in Israeli cafes?

  18. Camon man,

    what a shame, your justification for kill people in Hiroshimo e Nagaz, it's terrible.

    like you a jewish maybe you don't like if I tell you that Hitler it was correct to kill all jewish in the second world war.
    If I tell you that Hitler was right to be kill all jewish

    But man considerating the human life, I disagree with you TOTALY, you have your oppion and I respect, due to you have expressed your opinion it's mine one.

    The fight between palestim and israel it's a problem that had been ocurred since you haven't birth, it's a shame totatly a little group of people that doesnt know how to live togetter, take a example of Brazil has more than 30 religions and all lives togetter, with peace.

    People inocent lives in against this fight, so, they been killed by doing nothing not to be extremist, but just because they don't have either place to go.
    You are a example of this, you could travel to US and live here, but who couldnt?

    Remember this man, I hope Jesus forgive your words, to be prefered people dieing without nothing.

  19. What American Crusade?

    We and Israel are the ones being attacked, and we should just do nothing and just be victims like the rest of the world?

    Or should we fight back?

  20. Anonymous12:34 AM

    have you forgotten how the state of israel was formed in the heart of muslim lands? From what I know it was like the wild west and to this day it continues. It's rediculous how colinasation/annexation of another people's land in the 21st century is justified only for Israel.

    Maybe you should also do some reading on all the double dealings both the US and Israel have been involved in over the years and how it's the USs foreign policy that makes them so hated, not their people. You see, with the US it's a love/hate relationship and the same could be said about Rome. You do know what happened to Rome don't you?

    Yes, it's hard not to joke about your picture though for someone beneath me, I won't bother.

    Peace Out.

  21. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Brendan here again.

    Shawn, there was an outcry - there is _still_ an outcry. No-one in their right mind can condone such an action. For a 'civilised' and 'enlightened' nation to retaliate (against civilians) in the same manner is just insanity.

    Craig, your nations are not the only victims. The London bus bombs? The Australians and many other nationalities on the Indonesian island of Bali? The trouble in the Philipines? The world is full of such actions.

    Don't be so myopic in your beliefs to not be able to deal with all the facts.

    In my eyes, you are seeming to be another person who tends to give the other +90% of Americans a bad name. I want you to have an opinion, in a way I'm glad you have some strong beliefs, just be sure you weigh up all the facts and can deal well with the implications of voicing such an opinion.

  22. Anonymous3:33 AM

    6. Commandment:
    "Thou shalt not murder"

    Killing any being is a capital sin.

    Maybe there is a contradiction in your posting?

    God bless all human beings.

  23. I also cannot agree with your opinions. As someone else pointed out the violence against Palestine only ever generates more violence as indeed does all violence. It would be in the interests of Israel as the stronger of the two sides to show restraint and to do everything they can to improve the lives for ordinary Palastinians. I also condemn the violent acts of Hezbollah. Each act of violence is a tragic mistake.

  24. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Unsubscribed from your feed.

    Your comments, particularly regarding the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, disgust me.

  25. Anonymous8:37 AM

    I quote you:

    "Those I call evil are those who physically attack or financially support those who attack others for no reason".

    If your logic is accepted, then it would have been perfectly reasonable for the British to have bombed targets in US cities in the 1970s, 80s and 90s in order to try to stem the flow American funding to that orgnization during that time.

    Note that a large minority of Lebanese are Christian. Many more are of Islamic faith who do not support the militants. Simplistic and emotive talk of "evil doers" in such a context, is, quite frankly, daft and irresponsible.

    I support Israel's right to self-defence. The fact that the Paletinitan militants and their supporters use residential areas as bases for their operations is reprehensible, IMO (and shows scant regard for their own people). However, this still, in my view, doesn't justify aerial bombing of targets in civilian areas. Such actions are a disgrace and if the Western world wasn't so dominated by the military and economic power of the US I've little doubt Israel would be made to answer for these actions.

  26. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I was referring to the IRA in my second paragraph above, but I'm sure that was obvious to most...

  27. Anonymous11:26 AM

    If you want to support the fight - go fight.

    standing by/blogging/"supporting" doesn't really do much

    anon because i can be

  28. Here's my take on Hiroshima, for those that want another opinion.
    Fact: Japan's leaders didn't care about their own people, and were happy to send them to their death in kamikaze suicide attacks. The leaders of Japan refused to quit, even though it was obvious they were losing. Truman thought the atomic bomb was the only way to convince Japan's leaders that if they didn't stop their attempts to rule the world, we had the power to kill them. Opinion: I believe they would have kept going until every last Japanese man, woman and child was dead, if it weren't for the atomic bombs.
    Fact: War is hell, for both sides, and when the war is in your home country, innocent civilians will die, period. Bombs miss their target, bad guys use human shields, and yes there are evil soldiers on both sides that do evil things. Opinion: We shouldn't place the blame for innocent deaths on the leaders that don't intend to kill them.
    Fact: There will always be leaders that aspire to rule the world. Opinion: As long as such leaders have power and use it to dominate their neighbors, those that wish to live and survive on their own terms must stand up and fight. Is peace a worthy goal? Sure, but we won't get there by standing and watching while the Bin Ladens and Hitlers of the world gain enough power to destroy us and our way of life.

  29. Mark Scott11:47 PM

    I think thiis is a very good analysis of the current situation, although you are welcome to disagree...

    "United Nations, 22 July,(IPS): As Israel continues to unleash its deadly firepower on a hapless Lebanon for a second week running, the United Nations remains paralysed and unable to take any action because of an indisputable fact of international politics: the unrestrained U.S. support for an intransigent Israel.

    U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's grim statistics -- presented before the Security Council Thursday -- gave a clear indication of the grossly disproportionate use of Israeli firepower, mostly against civilians, in the incessant bombing of Lebanon.

    After nine days of Israeli bombings, Annan said, over 300 Lebanese have been killed and more than 600 wounded. On the other side of the battle zone, 28 Israelis have been killed and over 200 wounded.

    Annan has also come up with several proposals to contain the military crisis: an immediate halt to the fighting; a "humanitarian corridor" to provide assistance to some 500,000 people in urgent need of food and medical supplies; an expanded U.N. peacekeeping force; and an international conference to find a long term solution to the problems facing Lebanon.

    But all -- or most of the proposals -- are bound to fall on deaf U.S. and Israeli ears.

    Louise Arbour, the U.N. high commissioner for human rights, has implicitly accused Israel of war crimes. "The scale of the killings in the region, and their predictability, could engage the personal criminal responsibility of those involved, particularly those in a position of command and control," she points out.

    Yet, the 15-member U.N. Security Council, mandated to keep the peace and maintain international security, has remained ineffective even after a desperate plea by Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora.

    "Can the international community stand by while such callous retribution by the state of Israel is inflicted on us?" he asked in a letter to the secretary-general and the president of the Security Council.

    In his letter, the Lebanese Prime Minister told the Security Council: "Will you allow innocent civilians, churches, mosques, orphanages, medical supplies escorted by the Red Cross, and people seeking shelter or fleeing their homes and villages, to be casualties of this ugly war? Is this what the international community calls self-defence?"

    Despite Israel's determination to reduce Lebanon to rubble, the United States stands ready to veto any strictures against Israel or block any demands for an immediate ceasefire.

    U.S. Ambassador John Bolton says he cannot visualize a ceasefire between Israel and a "terrorist organization." End of story.

    "As has happened so often in the past, U.N. potential is being destroyed by the untrammeled U.S. domination of the global organization," Phyllis Bennis, a senior fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, told IPS.

    She said the U.S. acknowledgement that "it was not yet time" for a ceasefire made clear that the killing of innocents is not the goal here, nor, ironically enough, is the release of Israel's captured soldiers.

    "This is very much Washington's war. Not only in a direct, immediate and physical sense, in which Washington has provided virtually all of the military hardware -- the F16 fighter-bombers, the Hellfire missiles, the Apache helicopters and more -- in Israel's war arsenal. But also from the vantage point of parallel U.S. and Israeli goals," says Bennis, author of "Calling the Shots: how Washington Dominates Today's U.N."

    Michael Ratner, an international human rights lawyer and president of the Centre for Constitutional Rights, said it is disheartening to see the impotence of the U.N. Security Council regarding Israel's invasion of Lebanon and its failure to call for an emergency meeting of the Council that could try and impose an immediate ceasefire.

    "Clearly the United States is behind this failure of the United Nations to act," Ratner told IPS. He said the administration of President George W. Bush is obviously allowing Israel -- with U.S.-supplied weapons -- to continue its onslaught.

    The other key Security Council countries -- Britain, France, China and Russia -- ought to immediately call for an emergency meeting under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter which deals with "action with respect to threats to the peace, breaches of the peace, and acts of aggression," said Ratner, author of "Guantanamo: What the World Should Know".

    He also pointed out that the Israeli invasion clearly is a threat to peace, breach of the peace or an act of aggression as laid out in Article 39 of the U.N. charter.

    Neil Hicks, director of international programmes at Human Rights First, said the current crisis in Lebanon demonstrates the limitations of the United Nations when faced by a conflict on which leading member states hold sharply divergent views.

    "There is nothing especially new or surprising about this, but it naturally undermines the credibility of the United Nations as a body capable of acting promptly and effectively to resolve conflicts and to put an end to serious violations of human rights," Hicks told IPS.

    While it will be of little comfort to the civilians in Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories who are coming under military attack, he said, "We should not lose sight of the fact that the international community, including the U.S. government, is making use of the United Nations as a forum in which to address the crisis."

    "It is out of these discussions that an international response to the crisis will likely emerge, however belatedly, so we should not write off the United Nations completely."

    Having said that, Hicks added, powerful member states, especially the five permanent members of the Security Council -- namely the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia -- have a particular obligation to promote and uphold the U.N. Charter and the principles of human rights and international law that underpin international peace and security.

    In this context, the Security Council should act swiftly to protect civilians caught up in the conflict, regardless of their political differences, he added.

    James E. Jennings, president of Conscience International, told IPS that the United Nations is the world's only indispensable organization, but is totally dysfunctional when one of the permanent members of the Security Council wants to throw a monkey wrench into the machine.

    ''The United States, with its veto of a ceasefire in Lebanon, has done just that. U.N. agencies are often supremely effective when backed by collective action at the Security Council level, but impotent without such agreement,'' he added.

    Now it is up to China and Russia to try to find a way out of the impasse, but it may prove impossible, he added.

    If powerful Council members -- especially France, Russia, China -- joined other U.N. member states and groups of member states such as the Arab Group, the Group of 77, the Non-Aligned Movement, and also key individual countries such as South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, Venezuela, perhaps the Nordic states and others, backed by the bully pulpit of Kofi Annan and other U.N. leaders, there are options for calling for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire.

    This can be done, said Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies, within the context of the 192-member General Assembly, through convening a Special Session of the Assembly or the U.N. Committee on Disarmament, or perhaps even using the Bush administration's favorite diplomatic gambit, creating a "Coalition of the Willing to Stop the Killing" to launch an international crusade for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire."

  30. Mark Scott12:30 AM

    In response to Yacoubean,

    FACT: Killing of civilians by a formal amry is the defination of War Crimes. Go to the Red Cross website and educate yourself about the Geneva Conventions. If the US/Israel think they can kill civilians just because their enemies are "terrorists", then the US/Israel are the biggest terrorists themselves!!!

    FACT: Yes, there will always be leaders trying to rule the world, and it is the US. Just read the post above and you will understand how the US is dominating over the rest of the world and crippling the United Nation.

    And I must say the US government should get a prize for their advertising skills. They manage to mask their plans to control the world underneath the glorious names of "freedom" and "democracy". Wake up my friends! Don't be fooled by the US government! What's happening in the Middle East is not about true freedom and democracy, but about money, power and revenge. A true believer of freedom and democracy wouldn't frame another country for possessing WMD, or actively invade another country and killings civilians (what Israel is doing right now is no self-defense).

    And for all Americans, know this: We know that you enjoy your American political system and your American way of life, but we love our own political system and our own way of lives! Don't try to tell us how to live our lives with tanks and bullets!

  31. We're not trying to make you to be like us. As long as you don't send missiles and bullet's our way, we really don't care how you live.

    That's your business, not ours.

    Now killing civilians intentionally is a good point.

    However in many wars, the opponents hide in civilian areas, like the Hezbollah is doing, so that even if we only get the military targets, Israel will still look bad.

    So i don't think any of us aim to go out and kill civilians. Why would anyone want that?

    There are different type's of wars, I mean in the old conventional warfare, it was easy to identify the military targets and therefore both were open game.

    But in Guerrilla Warfare tactics, commonly the enemy hides them and mixes with civilian populace so as to cause problems for the enemy.

    So if Israel does nothing, what happenes, then more and more Israelites get killed by the hundreds and hundreds of missiles being sent their way.

    Their doing the only thing possible, take out the bad guys as much as possible.

    Unfortunately because of the tactics Hezbollah is using, civilian deaths is on their heads not the Israelites.

    I mean, it's not like Israel was attacking Hezbollah first.

    If Hezbollah stopped sending all those missiles and suicide bombers there would be a good chance for peace.

    If you look at teh American participation in any of the world wars. We usually wanted to stay out of them, but was always attacked first by other countries.

    Remember we're fighting a guerilla warfare against an enemy who wants americans and israelites dead.

    We've tried peace, they signed the treaties, then just went about going to kill us again.

    So what peaceful options did we ahve? Just keep pretending they wouldn't keep attacking us again?

    And it's already been proved the missiles Hezbollah is using was supplied by either syria or iran.

    Iran is using this tactic to distract us from the fact they want to keep using nuclear material for war like desires.

    I mean if these were countries that had shown they could be trusted then it'd be one thing.

    But these people only desire the deaths of others.

    If you had left Americans and Israelites alone, we'd leave everyone else alone.

    IF you attack us, we will attack back.

    Simple as that.

  32. As far as the United Nations go, they've been proven to just be a crooked hand of the big dictator's of the world.

    The huge Oil for Food Scandal, where they were caught getting money for oil, from countries that were not supposed to get money for military means.

    The United Nations is just full of countries that are corrupt.

    Which is why I recommend the U.S. Get out of the United Nations.

  33. Anonymous6:26 AM

    That's rich coming from a citizen of a country whose politicians blatantly use the political process for their own selfish business objectives and manipulate US foreign policy to accord with those same objectives. What's more, many believe that the US manipulates the affairs of entire regions, often leaving chaos and destruction in its wake, in order to procure its own energy supplies and to further its own foreign policy objectives. No wonder you don't want to be a member of the UN. The UN (as with all political 'clubs') requires debate, compromise and consensus, whereas the US demonstrates again and again that the only consensus it has any time for is that which agrees with its own selfish economic needs. Needs that are so large and far reaching that it is forced to interfere in and manipulate the affairs of an entire region in order to procure its own energy supplies.

    If the only way that Israel can achieve security is by laying waste to every adjacent country, then the state of Israel, quite simply, is not a viable political entity. Because that's the message I'm getting from this whole mess.

  34. lol that's so completely not true. Israel has been constantly attacked by every country that surrounds it.

    They're the victims, and instead of just kowtowing to the terrorists they're striking back.

    What do youc all the daily 100's of missiles being launched against Israel the last couple of weeks?

    As usual Israel only strikes if they are strucken first.

    And as far as America, we have the right to work hard, and keep what we earn.

    Where in other countries, you can work hard but the government takes away too much from you because it wants your money...

    They're not trying to lay waste, but to kill the bad guys that are attacking them, attacking their supplies, supply lines, and headquarters...

    but Hezbollah didn't put their soldiers, and hq in non-civilian areas, they put them right in the middle of civilians, so israel would look like a bad country if they struck back.

    But what other choice did they have?

    The surrounding countries want Israel dead, cuz they're anti-semitical.

    They always strike us first, not us strike them.

    Get the difference?

    And perhaps we have our share of corruption no more so than any other nation.

    But here a person from the lowest walk of life can thru hard work get to the highest part of life.

    That's called freedom, and the right to work hard and keep most of your own money.

    Instead of all the other nations that are socialist, where you are rewarded for being lazy or stealing money from other nations.

  35. Anonymous3:24 PM

    > But here a person from the lowest
    > walk of life can thru hard work
    > get to the highest part of life.

    Oh for god's sake, this is laughable. Do some travelling!!! Your ignorance of life outside of the US is making my head spin. Do you really believe this childish nonsense about the USA being the only "free" country in the world? The only place that rewards hard work? The only place that isn't a socialist state? Mr Rosenbum, your deeply ignorant comments remind me of the kind of stuff you used to hear from the citizens of Soviet states, and still do from the citizens of places like North Korea. That is, you actually believe your own propaganda, about your "freedom" and your "honest" economy, and how the rest of the world is all bad. Man, you really need to expand your horizons. Myopia and ignorance like that you are so publicly displaying here simply facilitate prejudice and chauvanism.

    Before you pass judgement on the world outside the USA (and Israel), you might want to actually learn something about it first, rather than just repeat the mantra taught to you by the League of Beer-swilling American Patriots, or whoever it is that teaches the cr** that you're spouting.

  36. mark scott2:50 PM

    Whoever wrote the last post, I completely agree with you!

    The most frustrating part about the United States is that their citizens are all brainwashed by the US government's propaganda, the media, the Hollywood.
    I was watching CNN news last weekend and all I heard was reports about the damages in Israel. The news totally ignore the fact that 400 Lebanese civilians were killed by Israeli fire and that Israel is actively invading Lebanon.

    And Craig, it is in the United States where "the government takes away too much from you because it wants your money" to fund its everlasting crusade in the Middle East. I remembered when I work in the United States, I was taxed 27% of my income; when I am back home, I don't have to pay more than 10%.

    And honestly, does anyone actually think that this war is a war between Israel and Hezbollah? As Bush had said a while ago, Syria is next in his list of countries to invade; I am sure Lebanon (Hezbollah in particular) is also on that list, now Israel just volunteer to do the dirty work for the United States using guns and tanks supplied by the United States. If a soldier is killed, he/she is going to be an Israeli, not American; if the operation fails, Israel will take the blame. Good luck being America's No.1 pawn.

  37. Anonymous5:57 AM

    I totally agree with you on this Craig, Israel has every right to defend itself. It’s funny to read how Europeans are complaining about the "one sided" US media while the European media has proven to be so one sided and biased, the BBC (http://www.honestreporting.com/articles/reports/BBC_In-depth.asp) and Reuters (http://hotair.com/archives/2006/08/07/video-charles-johnson-talks-shop-on-cnn/) are only 2 examples. Europeans have no idea about what's really going on in the ME, they have an ability to ignore reality, they did this when the Nazi's rose on and they are doing this again with the new Nazi's ,the Iranians.

  38. I've always been for peace. However, sometimes, to attain peace we have to wage war. The Bible, in the Old Testament, writes of how God Himself has told the Israelites whom Moses led out of Egypt to claim the promised land. However, they have to fight against their enemies to possess it.

    I don't approve though of how America fought against Vietnam nor bombed Hiroshima. That was horrid and should be something America should be ashamed of.

  39. Anonymous11:42 PM

    The dialogue used by some of the individuals really reflects why it is almost impossible to debate or come to terms with these longstanding and difficult conflicts. Obviously, if these problems were so simple to resolve, they would have been resolved by now... "moron".."ignorant comments"...etc...this is the the type of inflamatory and uneducated language used often by those who perpetuate the problems vs. those who are a source of improving on them...so, for those of you out there...attacking Craig vs. debating ...I would like to invite you to come up with as many derogotory or degrading comments towards me...I invite you to use the same type of language...because, with every personal attack, it shows your character and confirms that it is near impossible to actually come to reasonable terms with someone with a different world view...and Craig...I may or may not agree with your opinions, but I respect your right to have differing opinions and how you articulate them...


  40. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Better late than never, but well said Craig.