Monday, July 10, 2006

What do you expect to be at new cf jobs?

I mean as we get more experienced, we have certain expectations of the way the development environment is setup. And each of us may slightly vary on that list, or what solutions.

When I start a new job, I expect:

1. Source Control
2. Coding Style Documentation or at least an example
3. Development Life Cycle, of where we do code from development to production
4. Project Management Process/System: So I know how to correctly manage my time, especially since there usually is a lot of multi-tasking.
5. Am I working alone or as part of a team, and how is the division of labor of that team organized?
6. What kind of training or training support is there?
7. What is the architecture of the code and database?

That's my basic list, what is your list?

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