Thursday, July 06, 2006

Where's the beef?

Well here's the thing, when i start off at a new company, I usually have to bring my bag own set of standard needs as a developer. And it's hard to find the solutions that fit every company.

1. What source control to use, and will it be cheap and work with many different ide's?

2. What kind of project management process or system aka How do we manage our time and priorities so that work that should be getting done is getting done.

3. What's our development environment? Do we have a dev server, production server, perhaps even a testing or qa server? And do each have seperate web and database servers?

4. What database are we using, is it well designed, what tools do i need to help make sure it's being used correctly and is well maintained. Are they using any maintenance plans, is there any diagrams of the database structure or ERD's?

5. What kind of coding style/framework are we using, what's the naming conventions, I want all of this info right away, so that the work I do, can fit in, with the best practices of cfml and the practices that this company wants it's way of doing things?

6. What tools/software do i need to download to have an elite developer's station? What OS? What DB Tools..

7. What kind of training plan is there or should we have?

I mean that's my point, there is no universal starting point or standards for the above question.

Every place I go, there is a mass discussion as to how what I consider bare minimum requirements. Why worry about what framework, if we don't have hte basics covered first?

That is my current blog point..

Think about it.

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  1. Fantastic point! I'm not a CF developer but have been keeping tabs on the huge debate going on through mxna. Anyone undecided where to sit on the framework fence because they're confused by all these guru's bickering amoungst themselves should start here with the points you've just mentioned and worry about frameworks later.