Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I think I am getting OO

After that's all the cf blogs talk about lately, and so I am kind of slowly but surely getting on to that path.

To me it's all about better architecture for applications. I kind of like the idea of Model-View Controller, it was the methodology that was taught in that Fusebox Class I took..

It honestly was very interesting, if you work in team environments.

My big pet peeves was, the parsing fusebox has to do, to enable mvc. Now I admit I am still new to MVC and OO.

And that was my big problem with the whole process, was the whole setup process, how it affects performance, having to do all the parsing to enable MVC.

Secondly, how can we tell if we're going too far into OO, aka focusing more on the architechture then speed of delivery.

I think it would be nice to get some opportunity to learn and practice more MVC/OO.

And get my hands dirty in Ajax.

But until then, I will focus on my basics.

Project Management, Scalability, Documentation, Performance, Best Practices.

One of the ideas, I had posted a long time ago, was to have some kind of global code repository, like cflib, but it would be full applications, not tags. The purpose of this is to share code, review code, to see who writes what kind of application, in what way, that is both optimal and scalable.

Other than that, let's keep bring the bar up on CFML being the language to program in. We should be both coders and scientists...

Monday, March 27, 2006

Does Documentation Methodology Exist?

This is something I have been thinking about for the last 2-3 years, I see situation where companies have created a lot of wonderful applications.

However there is no documentation as to what those applications are, what code, databases, tables, servers.

I know this is a part of the argument about coldfusion developers not being computer scientists, and perhap's we're not..

But how come there isn't some research or tools on this?

Am i the only one concerned with the overwhelming lack of documentation methodologies?

I mean, currently i am on contract, and we don't have documentation of our applications, and we want to create that, but don't have a clear method as how to extract that information and put it into an updatable and digestable format.

There's no list of applications, there's no manual or bibliography of coding style's etc. They have good people here, but how can we put it together...

I mean we like many people, don't have the time and energy to browse by hand every aspect of the sites, and then also browse thru the code, databases, structures etc.

There must be a means, to extract that information and present it in a digestable format.

Have any of you seen tools like this?

Does a documentation metholodgy exist?

Or does all that matter is that we put comments in our code?

This just personaly irritates me, because we all want to get to this higher level of professionalism, as an industry, but do we cover all the bases that includes?

Just a question.