Tuesday, July 18, 2006

OT: I stand by Israel and America

It is time that we got rid of all those jerks who are constantly getting away with killing in Israel and worldwide.

Btw, in case you didn't know I am jewish, but I am American first, and on this day I am proud of Israel for doing what America rarely has the guts to do.

Stand up for the lives and rights of our family and loved ones.

Like when we bombed Nagasaki or Hiroshimo, neither a pleasant experience. But when it was discovered that for us to manually take down those cities would cost us hundreds of thousands of our men's lives we chose for the attackers/evil people to die before us.

I stand by Israel and any who has to defend themselves against evil that kills them and their families daily.

I am a proud american this day, to know there are nations out there, who know and does what it takes to defeat evil!

Because this is a holy war of evil people!

They must be defeated, and if it's a choice of us dead vs them dead, I always choose them dead.

God Bless America and Israel!