Friday, January 19, 2007

Tools I love and use

Textpad has to be my number one tool, although I am willing to migrate to a newer text-editor. It just is easy for me to search/replace thru many folders/drivers, regular expressions, macro programming.

Compare-It, is a file comparing tool. Let's say you have a code on development server and code on production, and you need to see what's different. Or I have also used it to compare stored procedures, after saving them as text files. Just a very nice file comparer.

I use Firefox as my web browser, but I use many extensions to help me test code, such as the Web Developer Extension, Extended Statusbar, Firebug to debug javascript errors, IETab to view a new tab as if IE was inside firefox, ServerSwitcher is a great extension that allows you to view a web page on dev or production, then switch back and forth.

I recentally got the Multi-IE Package, that installs multiple versions of IE on your pc, each in it's own folders.

For database querying, I use a great query tool called Advanced Query Tool, I like it because it makes it easier to design, visualize queries, test them, on each database server you have.

I have been playing with this SQL Server Monitoring Tool, called SQL Stripes, which is a freeware/shareware
that provides a powerful console for managing multiple servers running Microsoft SQL Server ™

I also love this trial version of Toad for SQL Server, it has a very powerful, sql tuning component. Basically, you give it a query that you think could be re-written for better performance, and it will try re-writing that query many times, until it has the sql query version, that provides the best solution. I can't yet afford this tool, but it is a very wonderful tool for improving performance of your sql queries.

For FTPing, I use FileZilla, it just is a very easy to use, and open source costs, make it a very nice and powerful ftp client.

There are a lot of nice tools out there, what are your favorites?


  1. Anonymous10:02 AM

    SQL Stripes looks very cool...

    However it isn't freeware/shareware, a license costs $1,250.00 USD!

    A bit pricey for me!

  2. PSPad is pretty nice, too. I use it for almost everything.

    Firefox extensions are much the same as yours.

    I'm using MySQL Administrator and the other tools provided by MySQL itself. Clean and easy to use.

    FileZilla is great software, but I don't like the fact, that I can't open more than one server with it at the same time. It also has some issues with file encodings that I encountered. Using the almighty CuteFTP right now.

  3. Forgot!:

    WinMerge ist a great file-comparison tool; but like the name says, only for Windows.

    And I have to add aptana, great IDE when dealing with JavaScript APIs and "web2.0" in general, good for such projects. But nothing for the quick and dirty.

  4. Well SQL Stripes used to be freeware in it's early developmental stages.

    My one issue with FileZilla, is that it does take too long to load up. Not sure why. I am open to other ftp clients.

    I like quick and dirty, in terms of tools I use, but I want the results to be something I am proud of.

  5. Another tool I use, is FoxIt PDF Reader, it just is so fast in just reading pdf's and displaying them.

    Adobe Acrobat Reader takes forever to run...

  6. Anonymous5:43 PM

    I'm the dev team lead for Toad for SQL Server. Glad to hear your endorsement for it and its SQL Tuning component! Enjoy!

  7. I love to be able to tune my sql statements for better performance. I only wish the companies I worked for, care to spend that kind of money for this wonderful tool.

    Sadly they don't even care to pay for having a very needed dba.

    But anyhow, great tool, I recommend everyone try it out.