Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Communicating your ideas

Rather fascinating post at 37signals, about The Curse of Knowledge. What is interesting, is that it points out that the more you know about a topic, the less likely you are able to communicate it.

And this comes home to me, in the many times, working on projects, and not always able to communicate what I plan to do, what my logic steps are, in a way that others will understand.

People tend to think that having a great idea is enough, and they think the communication part will come naturally. We are in deep denial about the difficulty of getting a thought out of our own heads and into the heads of others. It’s just not true that, “If you think it, it will stick”.

This is so true, because what good is our great ideas, if we can not explain them, communicate them or persuade others that they have value?

What tools or methods do you use to help communicate or persuade your ideas?

Flowcharts, Wireframes, Project Specs?