Tuesday, January 30, 2007

IE7 Breaks Relative URLS

My own company's site has had huge problems lately because we did not include base href tags at the correct spot in all our code.

How many of you are noticing bad links, bad images, bad forms, that just do not work in IE7.

Especially if you have a page that has search engine friendly url's.

Well in order for those to work you must have the BASE Tag in a specific spot.

BASE Element--Internet Explorer 7 strictly enforces the BASE element rule, as documented in the HTML 4.01 standard. We no longer allow BASE tags outside of the HEAD of the document. The standard specifies that the base element must appear within the head of the document, before any elements that refer to an external source.

Which means every coldfusion page has to have a base href in it. Which can be a tad difficult, if you have different development, production, testing or q&a servers.

It kind of makes me wonder if this was a necessary for IE7 feature. Or if any of you have had other IE7 issues.