Friday, April 13, 2007

Hal Helms gets it right...

First off, I love long philosophical discussion such as this.

To me this is a sign of realizing that we don't need to be like other programming languages, to be a a solid application language.

And that's what I like, we're here to innovate, drive the market with what is our strength rapid-application development.

Now that does not mean in anyway we can't learn from other languages to improve our programming ideas and methods, but that should not be in an attempt to make us just a clone or copy, we have to stick to what we're about.

If you really want to code in Java, go ahead and do so, just stop trying to make coldfusion into java programming.

I feel we do have a lot to learn as an industry, to improve our training, to create common standards that we all learn from, then as we get more experience, develop our own way's and style's.

To me, I think this is a first good step to common sense, and focusing on what we're about, not trying to mold coldfusion into java which it's not.

Think about it.