Thursday, June 17, 2010

Do we matter?

Lately I went to this job interview for Chandler, Arizona, a good company, paid well, paid for my trip.

But when I go there, I get the feeling of being a cog, just learn the system, fix the bugs do the tasks.

But I look at their site, and it is poorly designed.

The code is well done, but seems overly complex for the actual needs of the site.

And the usability and design seemed rather atrocious. But being the concerned and helpful person, I wanted to help inform the people, so we can release a solid, reliable and usable site. Instead, I was told I should just focus on my job.

And to me that is a turn-off.

I know my opinion won't always be right, or always taken, but I am an experienced professional, not just some cog to do some typing.

I am the kind of programmer, and person, that wants to make my company/department the best it can be.

I will never be a cog employee, I will be a team uplifting, let's become the best we can be employee.

Yet I had to turn down that fulltime job, to go back, and mostly just get a good part time job, with a company I trust to listen to me.

Why is it so hard to be just listened to?

Isn't it a better company when we're all working together, on each part of what makes us the best, towards same goals?

During the plane ride to Arizona, I was reading the book by Joel Spolsky, Smart People Get Things Done. Really great book about hiring great programmers, of which I hope to be one.

I wanted to know what kind of company I want to work for, and what kind of employee I should be to get that kind of job.

I have no problem working my butt off, but it has to be for a company that wants and respects me, and wants me to help them be the best.

That's just me...

Craig M. Rosenblum


  1. I think the pursuit of excellence is worth the effort. However, another major point of Joel's overall philosophy is to just ship it. Sometimes we have to play a role, and can't drive strategy and architecture. Moreover, even if the overall direction isn't correct, sometimes it's important to move toward a goal and deliver.

  2. Craig,
    you stated "I was told I should just focus on my job" and then you said you "had to turn down that fulltime job".
    I am confused, did you work for this company?

  3. I had flown down there to give it a try, and see if I fit and they fit. Maybe it is normal to be a cog, I just want more than that.

    Maybe I am odd, but I believe I deserve more. Money, stock options, are far less important to me, than knowing that I am making a difference, and that I can help in anway to make their goals/dreams come true...

  4. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Write in paragraphs please