Thursday, July 01, 2010

Train and Drive

I have recentally been re-hired at my previous job. Great company, good people. We really get a long very well in our IT Department.

But what I want to talk about today, is how to light the fire of drive/ambition in your fellow worker's.

I have been recently put in charge of our training program, basically me, every friday, doing a presentation on different web/it/coldfusion topics.

This is really something I could fall in love with. :)

I love the idea of helping others, pursue their dreams to improve their skills and master their craft.

But why do so few people have the drive?

Yes, I hear the complaint, that many just don't have the time to train.

But do we also have the time to become stagnant in our knowledge and skills?

No matter how good or bad I may be. I am always driven to improve myself, to always learn, I have piles of books at work at home. I always read a variety of blogs.

I want to be able to get everyone on board, to master the basics, then they can go their own way, in terms of different methodologies, frameworks and techniques...

I want to learn so much, to take what I know, learn what's wrong with it and why, and then make it better.

When I do code, I want to make sure that it won't be something that embarrasses me in the future, looking back.

Too often, I have had to be the person who cleaned up other people's code, so that has really driven me to clean up my own code.

I have no authority to order people to learn, or to want to learn. But I want them to want to learn, to show me they know what I want to teach, then we can focus on more advanced topics.

But without mastery of the basics, variable scoping, good sql queries, clean, readable code, good planning, project management, etc.

How can we even try, to push on to topics...

For those of you who have that drive? How does it feel to you?

When I was a newbie programmer, I kept expecting help from others, but that really never comes, it really is up to each of us individually to push ourselves as far as we want to go.

So where do you all want to go?

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