Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Your experiences are not mine.

I have gotten so much hate and flame, that it made me rather upset.

I never assumed I know it all, but any time, I present an idea, perhaps a different approach, I am shut down, and called names.

Is that rational or fair?

I never demanded that people agree with me, only to listen, and make up their own minds.

But now years later, I have learned some more.

Simply,  I have not had the experiences that you had, I can't control that.

I can't go through the lessons and experiences, that have shaped your perspectives, experiences, and skills.

So do not assume, that people who do not agree with you are somehow deranged or idiots, because maybe, your not the only mind that can think or experience in this universe.

I am glad that this was a place, we can learn and share, because that was my end goal.

To share what I learned, and what I hoped was of some value.

My experiences were more on the basic end of dealing with old, poorly written code, horribly performing.

So I never had those ENTERPRISE experiences, big teams, etc. I was mostly working on my own, doing design, programming, dba work.

I don't know if any of you have had those experiences.

I truly loved programming in coldfusion, but so many harsh words, and bad experiences, made me realize how shallow and cruel the web community can be.

But here is another thing that truly bothers me, to this day.

There is so much arrogance in our thinking.

You assume that your approach is the best approach and only approach, and anyone who questions that is somehow an idiot or jerk.

Is that a sign of professionalism?

To me it's rather sad, and tragic.

That if we can not respect each other's opinion, so as to encourage mutual learning, then what kind of industry or community are we?

I wish all of you the best of luck.

Good night!