Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Charlie Arehart: A Pragmatic CFer

I know it's sad he's leaving Blue Dragon, and I know it feels like he's leaving. He isn't.

But perhaps this is our time, to give thanks and respect to one of the true leaders of our community.

I can still remember reading some of his first articles in cfdj, and I was really impressed, because to me, I wanted to learn more, do more, and be as efficient as possible.

To me, he seemed, how can I help people from any level of experience in cfml, program faster, easier and more efficiently.

From his tips about CF Studio and Homesite, to his different articles on developing.

I mean we all knew synax of Cf, but putting it together in a professional and efficient manner isn't something that we had the ability to take classes on.

So in bits and pieces, he is the guy that gave you that extra depth, made things faster for you to develop.

Gave you some undocumented features and knowledge of how CFML works.

I think that is is because of cf writers and programmers like Charlie Arehart, are the reason I wanted to blog and become a writer.

Remember your committment to the cf community is not just about how many articles or books, it's about your passionate committment to the craft of programming in cfml.

Thank you Charlie.....


  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Hey, he hasn't died you know! ;)

  2. True...

    Just trying to give respect to those who have given so much to the cf community...

    And those that I respect...

  3. Anonymous3:00 PM

    is there a collection of some of his stuff for us newbies that are just coming onto the scene?

  4. Well you can go to his old system manage website here at...

    Charlies's CFDJ Articles

  5. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Wow, thanks very much, Craig. What a wonderful, wonderful testimony. I really am touched and do sincerely appreciate your taking the time to write that.

    I'll admit that like one writer said here, it does seem more like an epitaph--and I'm inclined to quote Mark Twain's famed response to his premature obituary! :-)

    Anyway, thanks for the very generous sentiment. I hope I may make it up to the Twin Cities CFUG again to thank you personally.

    And to Michael's question about pointers to past resources, thanks for asking and I'll note that on my resignation blog entry I pointed to a new site I've created, carehart.org, and on that page (which for now is quite sparten) I have simply started by listing links to the 5 most significant sites where I've created resources (including the one Craig offered, thanks). Hope that helps.